Pro kite Safari

A magical vacation to discover the unexplored islands and beaches of the Red Sea

New Available Dates for Prokite Safaris:

From June 25th, 2020 to July 2nd, 2020

From September 17th, 2020 to September 24th, 2020


Our adventure begins in the marina of Hurghada to go to a group of uninhabited islands 40 km north of Hurghada. The journey takes about two hours, depending on the wind you decide where to anchor and get off the ground. The islands where we do Kite are Tawila, Geisum and Asharafi.

All the spots have shallow, crystalline and flat water looking like a mirror. Most of the time we will be the only boat on site, so we would have miles of water available just for us.


Tawila means flat in Arabic and is probably the best known island for kiting. The wind blows off the north-west, where the water is really flat like a mirror and the freestyle conditions are at the top. The area is huge and if someone were to slip, they could easily be assisted by boat.


Geisum actually consists of two islands, one in the north and one in the south. Here the wind conditions are both side and off. The space on the beach is not as big as in Tawila, but the one in the water is enormous. Between the two islands there is the possibility of making an amazing downwind.


Asharafi is the northernmost island. Here there is a large lagoon of one kilometer of shallow water surrounded by a tongue of sand. Besides the sand tongue there are also small and medium waves.

The Wind

Egypt is famous for its constant wind, and therefore much loved by kiters. The wind blows constantly from NO with an average of 15 knots, but sometimes it can be stronger (even up to 30 knots). Usually the higher the air temperature is, the stronger the wind is.

Our destination is in the Gulf of Suez, between El Gouna and the Sinai Peninsula. Thanks to the geographical position the wind is channeled and it is possible that they are 5 knots more than in El Gouna.

In the months of March and April the temperature rises above 30 ° so it is very likely that the wind is stronger. Should a day without wind happen, there will be no alternative activities depending on your wishes.

The boat

Our boat is called Sim, 31 meters, completely renovated in 2016; designed as a diving boat, with its 1.300hp it perfectly meets our kiters needs. Furnished by a German owner with much love, it offers everything you need to make your holiday comfortable.

Below deck there are 8 spacious cabins, each with 2 single beds and a private bathroom with hot water shower. Each cabin has several portholes that can be opened. On the central bridge there is a large and modern living room for eating and relaxing, as well as the kitchen while in the upper one there are comfortable armchairs with small tables, located in the shade, next to which, earlier on, there is an area where it is possible to lie comfortably in the sun.

In addition to the large freshwater tanks with the desalination plant, Sim Sim is equipped with a wastewater treatment plant on board. The boat also has a large liferaft and a raft, which is used both for the journey to the spots and as a means of rescue during the sessions.

Pro Kite Safari

During the "Pro Kite Safari" you will be able, if you wish, to take part in a kite camp week. We will help you improve your skills and take you step by step to the Trick you have always dreamed of learning. We will not only focus on water training, but also on the right preparation before and after the kite. Our goal is to make you a better Kiter and help you prevent accidents.

The “Pro Kite Camp” includes the following:

  • 10 hours of intensive water training with a highly qualified instructor
  • Theoretical preparation tailored to the needs, on the ground or on board
  • Warm up program developed by a personal trainer
  • Video analysis
  • Theory: Equipment, Self Rescue, rules of precedence, effects of wind, risks and dangers
  • USB pen with your videos and photos and various training documents
  • Prokiteacademy t-shirt
  • The price for the entire camp is € 450 if you use your own equipment. Supplement of 200 € for the rental of the complete equipment for a week.

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Rental Price List during the Pro Kite Camp:

Type 2 Hours 1 Day 3 Days Week
Complete* 50 € 80 € 200 € 330 €
Kite Only 40 € 60 € 150 € 240 €
Board Only 20 € 30 € 80 € 180 €
Wear 5 € 10 € 15 € 20 €
Rental with supervision 60 € 100 € 250 € 400 €

*Includes: Kite, Board, Harness, Wetsuit, Life Jacket, Helmet and Shoes

Assistant 15 € per hour

Rental Price List during the Pro Kite Camp:

Complete* 2 Hours - 50 €
Complete* 1 Day - 80 €
Complete* 3 Days - 200 €
Complete* Week - 330 €
Kite Only 2 Hours - 40 €
Kite Only 1 Day - 60 €
Kite Only 3 Days - 150 €
Kite Only Week - 240 €
Board Only 2 Hours - 20 €
Board Only 1 Day - 30 €
Board Only 3 Days - 80 €
Board Only Week - 180 €
Wear 2 Hours - 5 €
Wear 1 Day - 10 €
Wear 3 Days - 15 €
Wear Week - 20 €
Rental with supervision 2 Hours - 60 €
Rental with supervision 1 Day - 100 €
Rental with supervision 3 Days - 250 €
Rental with supervision Week - 400 €

*Includes: Kite, Board, Harness, Wetsuit, Life Jacket, Helmet and Shoes

Assistant 15 € per hour

Private lessons during the Pro Kite Camp:

Duration of lessons Price Duration of lessons Price
1 Hour 80 € 6 Hours 310 €
2 Hours 150 € 7 Hours 350 €
3 Hours 210 € 8 Hours 380 €
4 Hours 260 € 10 Hours 400 €
5 Hours 280 € 12 Hours 480 €
Duration of lessons Price
1 Hour 80 €
2 Hours 150 €
3 Hours 210 €
4 Hours 260 €
5 Hours 280 €
6 Hours 310 €
7 Hours 350 €
8 Hours 380 €
10 Hours 400 €
12 Hours 480 €

New Available Dates for Prokite Safaris:

From June 25th, 2020 to July 2nd, 2020

From September 17th, 2020 to September 24th, 2020

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