Prokiteacademy Sharm El Sheikh:

After so many years in egypt Prokiteacademy couldn’t miss the opportunity to join Kite bubble the iko kitecenter in Nabq sharm el sheick and create Prokite bubble. Nabq is the newly developed part of Sharm El Sheikh and lies in the north, which is close to the airport. There are two main areas Al Khan & La Strada with restaurants, shops, bars etc.

Naama Bay is the cosmopolitan center of Sharm El Sheikh. It is where the nightlife takes place with top club names such as Pacha. This is a 20 minute drive from Nabq. Old Market was built to resemble the typical side of Egypt with authentic Egyptian food, shops selling spices & perfumes, fruit stands with lots of local products & many souvenirs. This is 30 minutes from Nabq.

If you'd like to read more information on Sharm El Sheikh, Wikipedia is a great resource. Alternatively you can get in touch directly, if you have any specific questions you'd like answered.

Water sports & activities in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh has become a favorite spot for all sorts of water sports activities, such as diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, kitesurfing, para-sailing, boating, and canoeing.

Kitesurfing in Sharm EL Sheikh, Egypt: the Pro KITE BUBBLE’s equipment is chosen to specifically fit the local conditions in Egypt and offers quality material from leading manufacturers. We support every level of kitesurfer at our school here in Sharm EL Sheikh.

Prokitebubble is located on the beach of Laguna vista beach resort, on the Nabq Promenade: the windiest spot in all sharm el sheick.

We offer a range of kitesurfing lessons and courses. All of which are aimed at getting you up and riding confidently in no time. To add to a positive learning atmosphere, we have designed our Kite Bubble school to induce a warm & friendly vibe. At our school you can meet other beginner kitesurfers and even pro kitesurfers. We have a relaxed environment at our school, think bean bags, hammocks and free Wi-Fi.

Our Kitesurfing School Facility offers:

  • Beach assistance & Rescue Service
  • Storage for Equipment
  • Compressor for pumping kites
  • Fresh water for shower and washing equipment
  • Free WIFI service
  • Full accessibility to Pataya beach bar and Laguna vista “on beach” facilities.

If you need an accomodation pleasee contact us: We have special deals with hotels such as Aurora Oriental Resort, Laguna Vista. In case you are searching a more informal vacation we can also find some apartments near the spot.

We would also be happy to arrange desert safari trips, guided by the local Bedouin tribes, that give you the chance to experience their local cuisine.

Prokitebubble is also specialized in kite trips all around the south Sinai . The best to discover uncontaminated spots like the famous blue lagoon between Dahab and Nouweba and the only wave spot in all the red sea at wind heaven in El tur.

The magic of Sinai is waiting for you!!!

Private Courses prices:

  • 2 hours 100€
  • 3 hours 150€
  • 4 hours 250€
  • 12 hours 450€
  • 2 Group max 2 person for 12 hours 400€
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